16 Jul. 19

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance in San Diego, CA

If you live in San Diego CA, it’s so wonderfully convenient to have a tankless water heater and have hot water in an instant! However, even if they’re designed to last for many years, these water heaters can break down for any number of reasons. Nothing is truly perfect.

So, if you can find minor issues, that will likely become bigger problems in the future, you can fix them before they happen. It is important to perform scheduled maintenance for your San Diego, CA tankless water heater.

We’ve got three solid reasons why you should consider having maintenance on a regular basis.

Prevention Can Avoid the Cure

A small leak, a buildup of grime, rusted parts and fittings, and other minor problems might not seem to be huge threats for your tankless water heater system. However, these small leaks and other problems get bigger in the future if left unattended.
Tankless water heater contractors have the right tools and procedures to find the basic problems your system might have through maintenance. Our techs are trained specifically to service and install tankless water heaters.
As part of a reputable and professional niche industry, you can leave it to us to focus on prolonging the lifespan and durability of your unit.

Crucial Descaling

San Diego, CA homes have a steady stream of clean water that tankless water heaters can heat on demand. However, some locations draw their water from “hard” water sources. These include wells, underground soil water, and others.
These minerals can have health benefits. Yet, they get trapped in the filtration and other parts of your system. Over time, scaling, or the buildup of minerals throughout your system happens.

With the right equipment and know-how, our team of experts can get rid of scaling in different parts of your system. You should have your tankless water heater in San Diego, CA descaled at least once a year. You might need twice a year if there is good reason to do so.

Find Possible Leaks

Every pipe in your system can possibly leak, despite their durability. Many tankless water heater systems have PVC hoses. While they cannot rust, they can still have leaks due to minor damages. Careful and detail-oriented maintenance by our team will reveal these problems before they get worse, and equipped with knowledge and expertise, we will get rid of them quickly. We always come prepared.

Get the Best Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Service in San Diego, CA

Tankless water heater system maintenance is needed only once or twice a year. As you’ve seen the logic in having regular maintenance, it is important to have the best Tankless water heater system maintenance service too.

Verday Smart Solutions produces exceptional results. We do this by using the correct equipment and knowledgeable technicians with decades of experience. Contact us today to get proper Tankless water heater system maintenance in the San Diego, CA area!